Merry Christmas everyone! Have a wonderful, peaceful break.

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Hayley recently came across an article discussing the hardships of being an atheist during the holiday season. She believes her childhood experiences with Christmas were very similar those atheists complain about, and she never complained when she was young.

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Merry Christmas everyone! Have a wonderful, peaceful break. All will be back to normal soon, I assure you.

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I did this post last year, and I thought things might change over the course of the year. But they really haven’t. So I’m reposting them here for your critique …

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You may or may not notice that things look a little different around these parts. I just want to do my part to make your blogsurfing just a little more …

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Now, for the blog post you’ve all been eagerly awaiting: the authoritative list of my top five Christmas movies! 5. Christmas Vacation—Though I’ve seen this movie a dozen-plus times, it …

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