Seek Help, Not The Old Paths


I hate “Seek The Old Paths.” It is a hateful, unholy and unhelpful publication that gets passed around conservative church of Christ circles.

I don’t read it anymore, but in my masochism, I popped by there the other day and was confronted by a truly awful article about depression. In it, the author, a preacher from Fort Worth, Texas named Tom Wacaster, encourages readers experiencing depression to “Unplug your TV for 30 days. Dwell on things that are good, things that are of good report, and things that will restore your confidence in God and His providential watch care over us. Focus on [the] wonderful promise in Hebrews 13:5.”

He concludes by saying, “If you are depressed, discouraged, disappointed, or simply down and out, take some time to mediate on the word of God. Therein lies the power for overcoming depression.”

I know that most of you who are my friends on Facebook don’t frequently read STOP, but I hope and pray that if you’ve experienced depression in your life that you don’t buy into a similar way of thinking. Depression is a legitimate, serious illness – one that needs to be treated by medical and psychological professionals, not angry preachers.

I don’t often blame Satan for human mistakes and decisions, but I kind of think he’s behind the misinformation and stigma surrounding depression. And I believe he’s using “Christian” “thinking” to perpetuate his lies.

Don’t buy in. Don’t be ashamed. Seek help.

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  1. Joe Palmer
    March 18, 2014 at 6:50 pm — Reply

    Hey Todd, I think I know you from WKYC. I agree and disagree with what you said, but of course I didn’t read the original article. For a lot of people the advice to unplug the T.V., think on good things, read the Bible, etc. might help some depression. So would and does exercising. However, I think your point was or at least mine is, that doing those things won’t resolve all depression. Sometimes we are depressed for a season. Sometimes we have deeper issues. Sometimes we over-medicate, sometimes though people must have medication.

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Seek Help, Not The Old Paths