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Don’t Worry

One of my new friends and new favorite people is leaving town for a couple of months to head to the Middle East for work. I am sad about this reality, which is interesting to me for two reasons:

  1. This individual is a relatively new friend; I’ve known him for several years, but we’ve only recently come to be acquainted.
  2. I don’t typically feel anything, except when I watch The Wire, Friday Night Lights or Parenthood.

But this post isn’t about my sadness, it’s about something his wife said before one of his previous similar trips.

A couple of years ago, as the church anxiously gathered around him to pray for his safety, she said “Don’t worry, but pray.”

I thought that was a pleasant, helpful thought. I’m not much of a worrier, but I’m even less of a pray-er. I don’t really understand the power or purpose of prayer, but I like the idea of being a person who says “I’ll pray for you.” and mean it. And, I love the idea of seeing God at work as a result of my praying.*

Now, to make this post timely and relevant, let me suggest that we work to adopt that mentality after whatever happens Tuesday night.

If the “other guy” wins, don’t worry, but pray.

*It should be noted that the seeing God work is not a result of my praying. Rather, by intentionally praying, I will be more perceptive to what God is up to.

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    Kelly Hayes

    3 years ago

    Thanks for this, Todd. I always appreciate honest reflections on the topic of prayer. I’m grateful for prayer as an avenue to communicate with God, and wish it was one that I utilized more.

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