Cabo Wrapup


Well, reality has set in – Hayley and I have been back from Cabo for a little over a week now, going back to our regular, everyday, non-pool-filled lives. We had an absolute blast in Cabo and we’re incredibly grateful to Jan and Jeanine, our new friends, for sponsoring our getaway.

As I’ve mentioned previously, we’ve never done an all-inclusive vacation before. I didn’t know if I would like it. But I did. A ton. We didn’t have to think anything other than whether or not we had on enough sunscreen (we didn’t), which drinks to consume (I enjoyed the Bob Marleys) and whether or not the entertainment was lip-synching during the entertainment (they definitely were).

The biggest disappointment of the trip was definitely the beach. It was beautiful, but the water was crazy-cold and unbelievably rough (which did lead to a hilarious situation of a couple of girls trying to look hot, but ended up getting flipped upside down by the surf), and the sand was pretty rocky. This resulted in a ton of time by the pool rather than on the beach. A pretty minor setback in the grand scheme of things.

I’m not going to do a hard-sell here, but I do want to explain what Jan and Jeanine do, as well as I can. They are part of a company called World Ventures, a travel club that offers incredible vacations (like the one we went on) for some crazy-low prices. They explained that it was like a Sam’s Club for vacations – you join, pay a monthly membership fee and have exclusive access to bulk-rate trips.

As reps for World Ventures, they are able to both go on the trips and offer others the opportunity to sell the memberships. (This is as hard-sell as I’ll get in the post) If you’re looking for an at-home work opportunity, I encourage to check them out. The networking model is unlike any I’ve ever seen before and it seems like there’s actual potential to make some money without a huge initial investment.

But even if you’re not interested in selling anything, you should definitely consider the club. Heck, maybe we could even plan a ToddBlog vacation or something.

Leave a comment below or shoot me an email if you’re interested in connecting with them. I’d love to hook you up!

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Cabo Wrapup