Pups, Hypnosis and Butter


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Last night, the GG team headed up to Hutchinson, Kansas, home of the Kansas State Fair.

We started by meeting up with in-the-trenches colleagues Jen and Angelina at the publicity office. We then set off in search of food – perhaps the most important of our fair activities. Of course, we had to partake in the renowned Pronto Pup, a favorite of many fairgoers. My peers have hyped the wheat- and rice-breaded hotdog (this breading sets it apart from its boring cousin, the corndog) to an unbelievable degree; it lived up to their lauding.

While eating, we headed over to the equestrian arts show. We were a little late and didn’t have the best view, but we were able to see some unbelievable stunts from the Cavallo family’s fifth-generation of riders. These athletes balanced on one leg, stood on shoulders and even did back flips while the horse galloped around the ring. Catch their show – it’s amazing.

You Are Getting Very Sleepy
After that, we made our way to the much-touted hypnotist show. Naturally, I volunteered. Shy, I’m not. I’m not sure how best to describe what it’s like to be under. I was very relaxed, open to suggestions and didn’t really care about looking foolish. (Hmmm. Sounds like me every day.) Largely, I was aware of what I was doing, though apparently I proudly displayed my wedding ring when approached by a woman onstage and threw a couple of chairs when asked to “lose the chairs.” I don’t remember doing either. You can see some photos of me under the influence here.

Why Can’t I Grow Pumpkins Like This?
Before we left the fairgrounds, we stopped by the agricultural displays to view some very large produce, creative scarecrows and, of course, the famous butter sculpture. None of us are sure who first decided to carve butter, but we all agreed the result is amazing.

We really hope that you can make it out to this year’s fair. It looks like the weather’s going to cooperate beautifully.

You can check out some photos from our trek here.

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Pups, Hypnosis and Butter