Weekend World Change


the-elie-wiesel-foundation-for-humanityI didn’t read Elie Wiesel’s Night in high school with everyone else. In fact, I just finished it the other night, shortly before Todd asked me what he should write about for this weekend’s Weekend World Change (though it’s kind of starting to be Every Third Weekend World Change, isn’t it?). Since Wiesel’s story was still rolling around in my brain, and probably will be for some time, I told him he should ask people to contribute to The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity. The foundation had invested nearly all of its assets with Bernie Madoff, and so those assets are essentially gone. I know they’re not going to make back their $15.2 million based on the contributions from this blog’s readers alone (Hi Mom and Dad!), but every bit helps, so this weekend we encourage you to give $10 to the foundation. After that (or before; you choose) you should also read Night if you, like me, somehow made it out of the public school system without being assigned to read it.

If you’ve got a way to change the world, leave a comment with a link. Have a great weekend!

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Weekend World Change