Social Media Saturation – Part One


You Just Can’t Add Anymore
You’re on Facebook. MySpace. Virb. Goodreads. Several Ning groups. Plaxo. Twitter. LinkedIn. Your blog. BrightKite. Friend Feed. Second Life.

You keep up on RSS feeds from friends. Industry experts. Humorists. Artists.

You try to keep your Flickr account updated. Like everyone else, you can’t get enough of viral videos of cats being precious. There are a healthy number of podcasts to which you’re subscribed.

But you’re on overload. And you’re not alone.

You Can’t Be Serious
This week, several of us at Greteman Group received an invitation to join yet another social network. And the general consensus was, “Are you serious? ANOTHER site for me to keep updated? No way.”

The increasing popularity of social media is a wonderful thing. New tools are creating new opportunities for interaction. Brands and their fans are able to engage in dialog as never before. But it has become increasingly difficult for new online communities to dislodge well-established sites. Consider CW’s Gossip Girl social network. CW started the social network two years ago and today the site boasts 5,180 members. That doesn’t sound too bad, right? Well, the Facebook page for Gossip Girl has 1,039,722 fans. And while numbers aren’t everything, the 1+ million members on Facebook are far more active than the members on CW’s custom site, adding videos, debating about the latest episodes and offering predictions about upcoming plot twists.

The moral of the story (Is it ironic to say “moral” when discussing Gossip Girl?) is that people are significantly invested in their current online communities. By uploading pictures, chatting with long-lost friends and keeping everyone updated on the latest happenings in life, certain tools (like Facebook) have become an integral part of our everyday life. Brands that meaningfully contribute to these existing communities are experiencing significant payoffs. Just check out Mashable’s list of corporations engaged in social media if you want some examples.

Check Back Next Week
We’ve got some recommendations for brands interested in exploring the social media world. Come back next week for our thoughts.

Are You Saturated?
So how about you? Are you experiencing the same saturation or are you joining any and every social network that you get invited to?

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Social Media Saturation – Part One