You Choose – Naughty or Nice?


Life can get crazy around the holidays – especially if you wait until the last minute to buy gifts for your loved ones. So forget the malls and the crowds. Here’s something special that you can give to someone special.

On this fun little microsite you’ll find just the thing for everyone on your shopping list. Just because you don’t wear footie pajamas anymore doesn’t mean that giving handmade, redeemable coupons isn’t still a great gift. After all, the true meaning of the season isn’t about spending money. It’s about spending a bit of yourself to show others you care.

So head on over to the site, check out our naughty and nice ideas and pass them along to  friends and family. Let us know which are your favorites – or if you come up with some wickedly clever ideas of your own. We know you have it in you.

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You Choose – Naughty or Nice?