Holiday Giving 2008


We’ve developed a tradition at Greteman Group to help us celebrate the holiday season. The entire agency splits into three teams that donate time, energy and resources to three charitable causes. We’ve recorded these activities and created short videos for unveiling (yes, they’re secret) activities at our annual holiday party.

Now you can witness the fun too.

Random Acts of Kindness
The Random Acts of Kindness™ Foundation inspired this team. They made up random acts that touched both complete strangers and familiar faces.

[media id=4 width=400 height=280] Team members: Ashley Bowen Cook, Carol Farrow, Lori Heinz, Shelley Downs, Chaney Kimball, Craig Tomson and Randy Bradbury.

Elephant Yard Cleanup
Zoo volunteers seem to hybernate like the animals come winter. It’s hard to get people out to help with necessary manual labor once the thermometer dips. So, this group offered to come out early on a Saturday morning to assist with cleaning up the elephant yard. Raking hay and scooping poo was a small price to pay for the treat that followed the work – an up-close-and-personal visit with elephants and rhinos.

[media id=3 width=400 height=280] Team members: Angelina Ortega, Sonia Greteman, Debbie Comes, Jessica Forbes, Donna Grow, Chris Parks and Todd Ramsey. Special guest appearances by Fran and Kale.

Mail-Ordered Christmas
This group really wanted to make a direct impact on young lives so The United Way pointed them to the Wichita Children’s Home, the community’s oldest charitable organization. Armed with aprons and good spirits, they set out to serve up a chili feed alongside teens from the home. Unfortunately, a felonious rapper usurped their plans (yes, seriously) and they had to help out another way. You’ve got to watch this.

[media id=2 width=400 height=280] Team members: Deanna Harms, Garrett Fresh, Ginny Walton, Todd Gimlin, Pam Headley, Jen Gore and Marc Bosworth.

Be sure to check out last year’s videos as well. They may not feature any famous rappers, giant beasts or photos of Jack Daniels getting put into mailboxes, but they’re still fun.

What are some creative ways you’ve given this holiday season?

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Holiday Giving 2008