And the winner is…


For the news you’ve all been eagerly awaiting:

The winning caption is…

So, when I spread my fingers out like this, and hold my hands out, exactly what am I saying in Gang language?”
Sam’s Dad

Now, I’m sure, as is with any highly publicized contest, there will be some disagreement with the choice of winner. So let me explain my rationale: Sam’s Dad had me in his home on multiple occasions when I was a simple, poor college student and he fed me his wife’s delicious meals. This is just a small token to pay him back. Oh, and I liked his caption the best, too. Because I can totally see my saying that.

As for his prize, he wins a 1/2 pound bag of Old San Francisco coffee from Wichita’s own Spice Merchant.

Thanks to all that who entered. I look forward to the next competition.

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  1. Sam's Dad
    October 27, 2008 at 6:14 pm — Reply

    What a surprise this is, and what an honor! I knew those Sunday meals would eventually pay off. Now, if only Tim Davis will come through with some payback. I’ll expect that when it snows in Puerto Rico!

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And the winner is…