Wednesday Wanderings


Instead of a “Monday Musings” post, I’ve cleverly rescheduled my random post to Wednesday and changed the name to “Wednesday Wanderings.” Get it? But that’s not the only change. Expect to see roughly 64% more photos in today’s post.

First, things have been pretty crazy for the past few weeks. Work has been keeping my crazy-busy (which is good) and it seems as if we’ve had very few free nights at home. Hayley has been equally as busy. It’s just a wild time around the Ramsey household.

Secondly, our house, which is broken, is about to be fixed! We have a contractor scheduled and waiting for us to get some plumbing checked out. After three months of living upstairs, it will be nice for life to get back to normal. The picture to the left is taken in our kitchen. We have an equally large hole in our living room. It has been a beast getting contractors to call us back – which makes it very difficult to get on their schedules. It’s kind of amazing how so many contractors have such terrible reputations for customer satisfaction (at least on the residential side). It must be nice to be in such a high-demand business that you can treat people however you want.

Thirdly, Hayley had a casual hula performance on Saturday. She did awesome, per usual. You can see some more photos at my new hula-dedicated Flickr set.

Fourthly, I had the distinct pleasure of assisting Lou Heldman’s “Business of News” class set up some blogs Monday night. Below is a photo of my delivering a motivational speech to all the engaged – and obviously entertained – students.

Finally, I haven’t given up the dream of being on Larry King Live. Hopefully, the second phase of my internet-craze-creating campaign will commence after the holiday weekend. If you haven’t already, head over to the LKL post and send an email requesting that I be a guest on the show.

So what’s been going on in your worlds lately?

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  2. Sam's Dad
    August 27, 2008 at 3:40 pm — Reply

    I see you have positioned yourself to the right and slightly behind most of the participants. Were you sponsored by Advil or Tylenol? The students must have all had cricks in their necks after the class.

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Wednesday Wanderings