Would you rather…


Ok, this is pathetically similar to my “preference post,” but let’s play a quick, clean game of “Would You Rather,” with the ridiculously clever twist of adding “why” to your answer. Be as honest as you feel like being. Or be funny. You choose.

Would You Rather…

  1. Be a rock star OR a movie star?
  2. Have the ability to fly OR be able to sharpen pencils with your belly button?
  3. Have the blogosphere’s most-visited and popular blog OR have the most MySpace or Facebook friends possible?
  4. Would you rather be a flawless speller OR an expert in geometry?
  5. Would you rather pen the world’s greatest novel that only a handful of people ever read OR would you rather write a shallow, trite story that takes the nation by storm?

Don’t forget to tell us why!

It’s posts like these that really propel me towards the upper echelons of influential bloggers.

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  1. Bobby
    July 2, 2008 at 2:26 pm — Reply

    1, Movie star…. watching rock stars age is like the toilet in a gas station– I’m always stunned it can get that bad.
    2. Fly… I wish for no part of my anatomy to become as culturally irrelevant as a pencil sharpener.
    3, A well visited blog– those so called “friends” never call, they never write and they never send me real presents or money.
    4. An expert in geometry a. there is no “geometry checker” available on any software I am aware of, b.Being able to instantly calculate where that cherry tomato you just flicked off your salad plate will land adds to the joy
    5. Since I have already done the first then the second is the obvious choice.

  2. July 2, 2008 at 3:11 pm — Reply

    Would You Rather…

    1. Rock Star…I really should have been born able to sing to compliment my mad dancing skills.
    2. Fly…what a bizarre question and who the hell uses pencils anymore?
    3. Blog! mommymanifesto08.blogspot.com
    4. Flawless speller…What good would geometry do me at this point in my life? I’m a writer damn it, not an architect or professional pool player or whoever it is that actually uses geometry.
    5. Shallow trite novel that takes the nation by storm…it worked for John Grisham didn’t it?

  3. July 2, 2008 at 3:31 pm — Reply

    rock star … i like big crowds and fun lights.
    fly … seriously … i’m with andrea … who the hell uses pencils?
    blog … because myspace is stupid and facebook is only good for stalking people.
    flawless speller … who uses geometry anymore
    world’s greatest novel … maybe someone i like will get the residuals after i die and they start recognizing my awesomeness.

  4. July 3, 2008 at 9:53 am — Reply

    1. Movie star, for sure. I would hate having to be on tour all the time.

    2. Fly, because who uses pencils anymore?

    3. Neither. I’m not shallow like that 😉

    4. Flawless speller. Words are power.

    5. Greatest novel ever, duh. Just as long as God reads it.

  5. Brad
    July 3, 2008 at 10:08 pm — Reply

    1. Rock Star! Dude, being a rock star would rule! That and I don’t want to live in Hollywood.

    2. Sharpen Pencils! Flying would make you a mutant or a freak or something. The pencil thing would get you 15 minutes of fame and a legitimate shot at any job you want.

    3. The Blog! People need to know what I think because as I see it I’m right about stuff. My blog could turn the election and stop Obama!

    4. Geometry! A unique and marketable skill, something I’m sorely lacking. Plus, I love to play pool!

    5. Trite story! As long as people enjoy it let’s make some money. Who wants to make a hole in one and nobody knows about it?

    That was fun!!!

  6. July 6, 2008 at 2:47 am — Reply

    1. Rock star…definitely…I agree, I wouldn’t want to live in Hollywood.
    2. Fly. BTW, Whats a pencil?
    3. The blog. http://www.camelcrossing.net Tell a friend
    4.Geometry…then maybe I wouldn’t have failed it in High School.
    5. Trite story….I could use the money.

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Would you rather…