This guy needs a new ad manager…


So I was checking my gMail when I noticed an intriguing ad at the top of my screen:

Google Ad I saw today

I wasn’t aware that there was a guy named Kevin Johnson running for mayor of Wichita – I didn’t even know we were having a mayoral election this year! Intrigued, I clicked the ad and was taken to this site:

Upon my arrival to the site, I saw that this wasn’t just any Kevin Johnson – this was the Kevin Johnson I remember fondly from NBA Jam. Johnson was a guard for the Phoenix Suns for 12 years and is now, apparently, pursuing a political career. In Sacramento, Cali. Approximately 1,691 miles from my house.

Ok, so what’s the lesson? Google adwords can be effective – I clicked it. But Google adwords can also be targeted. By region. By state. By city. And this one wasn’t targeted at all. Which means that I wasted anywhere from 5 cents up to a number of dollars of KJ’s campaign money.

The power of interactive, search-specific advertising is being able to present your ads to people who are in a position to either be interested in or, at the least, the target of your message. Blitzing the United States and people who couldn’t care less about the Sacramento mayoral race is a waste of money.


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This guy needs a new ad manager…