A View from Ethiopia


Shaun Groves is in Ethiopia learning more about Compassion. Check out his account of the visit.

I love what he says at the end of day three:

I told them [Compassion’s Ethiopian staff, I believe] I wanted to change Compassion’s motto. The motto on everything Compassion prints is “Rescuing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.” I told them I wanted to add a line. I think under the usual motto it should say “And saving the rest of us from wealth in Jesus name.” I thanked them for rescuing not only children but grown ups like me too. I explained that when someone at my concert is convinced to give $32 a month to save a child in Ethiopia that person is also being saved by that child. Saved from selfish ambition, consumerism, self-obsession, and the belief that what they have is theirs. I thanked them for teaching my children the difference between want and need, between hungry and starving.

Without Compassion's helpWith Compassion’s helpI don’t know the financial status of my blog-readers—your cookies don’t tell me that. I don’t know how many of you already sponsor a child. But I pray that some of you who stop by this blog will take the time to check out Compassion‘s site and make the commitment—$32-$40 a month—to sponsor a child. Your small sacrifice is a huge blessing in the life of a very real child.

Do you already sponsor? Tell us how you’ve been blessed.

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A View from Ethiopia