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Well, I’m back from my business trip to D.C. – which I didn’t talk about beforehand so my wife would be safe while I was gone, because I’m a good husband and son-in-law. I’m trying to get my thoughts together, so I’ll deposit random thoughts into my blog today for my “overflow.” Here’s what you can expect:

  • Washington DC was amazing. I actually had about 36 hours there this trip rather than the 10 I had last time. I was able to use those extra hours to see some of the sites. My favorite was definitely the Lincoln Memorial. I’m not a history buff, but it was pretty inspiring to see the tribute our country gave to such an amazing man. I can’t wait to go back with Hayley and spend more time around the memorials and see some that I missed.
  • The new Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds CD is great – except when Dave starts talking. He sounds like a drunk/high fool in those (thankfully) brief moments. Fortunately, the music is classic Dave and Tim and it’s great hearing some new stuff with the duo’s flavor. I actually like some songs better without the full band — When the World Ends and The Maker in particular. There are also some fun new songs, one of which I may post later today. You should definitely pick this album up if you’re a fan.
  • Another nice tactic: let a complete stranger use your cell phone rather than use a pay phone. I tried this in the airport and struck up a pretty nice conversation with a young man who was returning from Afghanistan to see his family. He was in fatigues, which is why I offered my phone in the first place, but I think I’d like to try this again with a civilian and see what happens.
  • The Bronc’s pulled out a thriller yesterday — I’ve never seen a special teams unit get on the field so quickly. I’m not ready to make Elway-comparisons for Cutler yet, but I do like the way he marched the team up the field with composure and confidence. I don’t know what this season holds – we did barely beat the Bills after all – but I can’t argue with the 1-0 start.

So, what’s on your mind today?

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  1. September 11, 2007 at 11:40 pm — Reply

    Broncos? When they dumped those beautiful uniforms with the horse in the D I lost all respect.

  2. September 12, 2007 at 11:19 am — Reply

    Glad you enjoyed my city. Were you stirring up trouble with your radical political agenda?

  3. September 12, 2007 at 1:41 pm — Reply

    I was lobbying congress on the adoption of Ayn Rand’s objectivism. It went quite well I think. I’ll have to tell you next time I’m in town and we can grab a beer or something.

  4. September 12, 2007 at 1:44 pm — Reply

    Do radical objectivist religious fanatics drink beer?

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Monday Musings