Embarrassed on behalf of my sex


Doh!There is a man who works in our building who is unfriendly to my fellow, male co-workers and me. He doesn’t really acknowledge our presence aside from a head nod or a brief “hello.”

This same man, lights up in an animated grin the moment he spots one of our female co-workers. “Hello! How are you? Good to see you!” he exclaims (he literally exclaims!).

My fellow, female coworker is aware of this discrepancy of treatment and is both grossed and freaked out.

Why is the male sex so stupid? Why do we, at the first sighting of an attractive female, lose all sense of propriety and decency? Why do we continue treating women as playthings or objects to be conquered?

It is disgusting, and as for me, I apologize to any female if I ever made you uncomfortable, freaked or grossed out. I apologize if my desire for your acknowledgment and approval caused me to act in a way that was offensive or even impolite to you as a person.

Men, let’s start treating women with respect, grace and humility. Let’s start treating women like we would want our wives or daughters to be treated. Let’s start looking at women with the eyes of Jesus – that is seeing them for who they are, not what we can gain from them.

Have a good, respect-filled Tuesday.

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  1. August 21, 2007 at 10:58 am — Reply

    I appreciate men like you, Todd, who hold their fellow men accountable. And for the record, most women (as is the case with your female co-worker) pick up on the double standard of men like that. He’s only making himself look like a fool.

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Embarrassed on behalf of my sex