Just ask “Why?” – The new pornography


There’s a new pornography and it’s not being released in seedy back-alley stores, through inappropriate chat rooms or in run-down theaters. It’s being advertised on TV and receiving blockbuster status when it reaches the theaters.“Torture pornography” is one of the hottest new trends in Hollywood. Movies like Cabin Fever, Hostel and the Saw series are redefining the horror genre and making millions of dollars in the process.

The horror genre was once considered worthless to major studios, but with the recent success of the previously mentioned films, the larger studios are starting to take notice. Unfortunately, I’m not sure Christians are.

As I shared in a previous post, seeing graphic violence isn’t something that I choose to do lightly. Though I’ve never seen any of the Saws or Hostel, I can guess that there’s no redeeming quality at the end that makes me feel like my hour and a half were well spent. But worse than wasting time, seeing torture in such a graphic way has to do something to your spirit and the way you view people.

So why is “torture pornography” more acceptable than its sexual cousin? Why do many Christians have little problem walking into Saw III, but wouldn’t be caught dead walking into Debbie Does Dallas (how lame a reference is that)?

What do you think?

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    […] been blocked by SmartFilter at Harding University for “pornography.” Now, I don’t mind being blocked at HU for “instrumental worship support” […]

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Just ask “Why?” – The new pornography